Orissa disaster relief operation: update

Apr 17, 2009

Managalpur village: With food and shelter for his livestock, this man can begin to rebuild his livelihood

WSPA’s Delhi-based emergency field team remain in Orissa State, working hard to provide emergency food, shelter, water and veterinary first aid to animals affected by the tornado which hit at the end of March.

A WSPA-led team, including member society People for Animals (PFA) Bhubaneswar, is working from early morning until late at night under difficult conditions to help 500 severely affected families survive and rebuild their lives.

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Each family owns two or three cows and a few goats. The relief aid supplied by WSPA is crucial in keeping the animals alive and protecting the livelihoods and nutrition of the community. 

To date, nearly 1,500 animals have received concentrated feed, building their strength, and around 300 have received emergency veterinary care for tornado-related injuries.

WSPA has also provided materials for and helped villagers construct 500 animal shelters, with 100 more to come; each shelter will house four or five animals and protect them from the elements.

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