Critical milestone for UDAW campaign

Nov 12, 2009

Since 2007, WSPA Canada has been working tirelessly to convince the Canadian government to support our campaign to achieve a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW).

The motion was put forward by Liberal MP Michelle Simson (Scarborough Southwest) and seconded by NDP MP Bill Siksay (Burnaby Douglas). This makes Canada a leader – the first North American country to formally support UDAW – and it means that Canada is one giant step closer to fully endorsing the campaign.

The next step – which we expect will happen soon – is for WSPA Canada to meet with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm the government’s formal support, in principle, of the development of a UDAW.

Then next year and throughout 2011, the actual details of the UDAW will be negotiated and finalized by key countries. And finally, Canada must then agree to and endorse the UDAW.

The WSPA campaign to achieve a UDAW in Canada was supported by our member societies and more than 75,000 amazing Canadians who signed petitions and sent more than 25,000 individual letters to MPs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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