Global reach: WSPA celebrates 1,000 member societies

Jun 8, 2009

Mobile clinic, Costa Rica: WSPA member societies work all over the world to improve animal welfare

WSPA, the world’s largest alliance of animal welfare organisations, has grown to a total of 1,012 members. The 19 newest member societies will help strengthen the global animal welfare movement, changing many animals’ lives for the better.

Since its inception in 1981, WSPA has worked in partnership with hundreds of member societies in over 150 countries. Our work is concentrated in regions of the world where few, if any, measures exist to protect animals.

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A truly worldwide alliance for animals

Peter Davies, Director General of WSPA, commented on the landmark: “Our mission at WSPA has been to build a global animal welfare movement and this is a very significant milestone for us. Perhaps more importantly, it is also a sure indicator of the growing support for animal welfare around the world.”

The most recent additions to the alliance reflect this, with new member societies from St Kitts & Nevis, Israel and Peru amongst others, working on issues as diverse as bullfighting, stray animals and wildlife rescue and release.

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Universal recognition for animal welfare

School rally, Tanzania: From students to national governments, a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare is finding support all over the world

One WSPA-led campaign involving many of our member societies is calling for international recognition that animals matter. We are seeking this in the form of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare to be adopted by the United Nations.

Peter Davies comments: “Animal welfare is intrinsic to tackling many of the challenges faced by the world today and to the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

“It is heartening to see the increased attention that animals, and the role they play in development, agriculture and environmental issues, are receiving from NGOs, governments and international agencies such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.”

At present, the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare has received formal support from the 27 member states of the European Union and eight other countries.

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