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WSPA 2009 Achievements for Animal Welfare

Dec 22, 2009
From bringing essential aid to thousands of animal victims of multiple disasters in Asia Pacific, to pioneering the first-ever release of captive bonobos into the wild in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to making a difference for farm animals in Brazil, we’ve accomplished so much for animals this year.

So nearly the last dance

Dec 22, 2009
Despite reports that bear dancing has been eradicated from India, work still needs to be done before we can celebrate. More bears still need rescuing. Join us in looking back over our journey and forward to a better future …

Be fur free: a consumer guide

Dec 21, 2009
The fur industry is responsible for the intense suffering and death of over 100 million animals every year. Animals that die to produce non-essential luxury items include rabbits, foxes, mink, chinchillas, raccoons, seals, wolves, coyotes, squirrels, cats and dogs.

Catalonian parliament edges towards bullfighting ban

Dec 18, 2009
A citizens’ advocacy campaign in Catalonia has resulted in local politicians approving a debate on changes to the Catalan Animal Protection Law, extending it to include the bulls and horses used in bullfights.

Norway’s whaling: disregarding welfare, defying logic

Dec 9, 2009
Norway’s 2010 whaling quota is their largest since choosing to defy the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling. But as Norway increases its hunt, WSPA’s defense of whale welfare is growing.

Green light for urgent action to save threatened dogs

Dec 1, 2009
Local support means WSPA and BAWA can now begin an urgently needed rabies vaccination drive, aiming to save thousands of Bali's dogs. Find out how you can help us!

Have a healthy and humane Thanksgiving table

Nov 25, 2009
With Thanksgiving approaching, families across the U.S. are looking forward to celebrating with a delicious feast. By reducing your consumption of meat and animal products over the holiday, you can have a positive impact for animals, your own health, and for the environment.

Plan your next meal out with WSPA’s new Restaurant Database

Nov 19, 2009
The holiday season is upon us, and with it typically comes an upswing in the number of people dining out with family and friends.

Critical milestone for UDAW campaign

Nov 12, 2009
In a landmark decision, MPs from all four of Canada's political parties have unanimously adopted a motion which calls on the government to support (in principle) the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

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