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Orissa disaster relief operation: update

Apr 17, 2009
WSPA’s emergency field team remain in Orissa State, working hard to provide emergency food, shelter and veterinary first aid to animals affected by the recent tornado.

Dancing bears: prevention not cure

Apr 9, 2009
Having trained over 800 forest department staff in anti-poaching methods, WSPA is focusing on crime-prevention and awareness in our efforts to end bear dancing in India. We aim to ensure cubs never leave their forest homes.

Animal health critical in devastated rural India

Apr 7, 2009
The tornado that hit 11 villages in Orissa State, India, at the end of March uprooted trees and lifted people 30 feet into the air. WSPA’s emergency response team arrived just days later, equipped to help.

Crime doesn’t pay: wildlife hotline targets bear bile

Mar 26, 2009
A wildlife hotline has tapped into the Vietnamese public's determination to stop the bear bile trade, leading to bears being removed from cruel farms.

European Union support boosts UDAW campaign

Mar 24, 2009
The EU has announced support for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare – a major breakthrough for the recognition of animal welfare as a globally important issue.

Protecting pigs: major live importer to end shipments

Mar 18, 2009
The Handle with Care coalition – which seeks to end the cruelty of long distance transport – is now a step closer to stopping live pig imports from the US mainland to Hawaii.

WSPA advances UN collaboration on animal welfare issues

Mar 11, 2009
WSPA and members of more than 30 permanent missions and UN agencies have discussed links between animal welfare and the UN's sustainable development agenda.

Leona Lewis, top international singer/songwriter, supports WSPA

Mar 11, 2009
British singer Leona Lewis has named WSPA as one of her favorite charities and wants to build her knowledge of our work.

United condemnation of new whaling plans

Mar 6, 2009
WSPA and the world’s leading anti-whaling organizations condemn plans to allow hunts in Japanese coastal waters. We call for governments to oppose this deal, which could destroy the international commercial whaling ban.

WSPA announces new Director General

Mar 5, 2009
Michael Baker has been appointed as WSPA's new Director General, taking over from Major General Peter Davies in the summer.

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