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Suffering in Slums: The global stray dog problem

Mar 3, 2009
The stray dog problem is a truly global issue - at this very moment there are millions of dogs on the streets and in slums, outside in all weather, with nothing to call home other than the bare dirty pavement.

Dog cull in Bali: urgent action against cruelty

Mar 2, 2009
Bali’s dogs are dying. They urgently need your help. The authorities, in a kneejerk reaction to suspected human rabies cases, are culling dogs – both strays and pets. Please sign our petition.

Petition power: Handle with Care welcomed by EU

Feb 27, 2009
The Handle with Care campaign has presented the EU Health Commissioner with over 150,000 signatures calling for the better enforcement of laws protecting animals transported within Europe.

Helping animal victims of the Costa Rica Earthquake

Feb 27, 2009
In an inspiring joint effort for animals, WSPA disaster relief teams, member societies, and supporters around the world banded together to bring vital emergency relief to animal victims of a devastating earthquake that struck Costa Rica in early January.

WSPA Observes 200th Anniversary of Animal Protection

Feb 25, 2009
In 1809, a society "for the suppression and prevention of Wanton Cruelty to Brute Animals" was founded in Liverpool, England. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of what is probably the oldest animal charity in the world, WSPA sat down with Peter Singer, a philosopher, ethicist and widely published author known for his book Animal Liberation.

Duvets: a nightmare for geese

Feb 6, 2009
A shocking documentary series has revealed that many duvets are stuffed with down plucked from live geese, causing acute suffering. WSPA is extremely disturbed by this fresh evidence about the down industry.

WSPA comes to aid of Cuba’s animals

Feb 3, 2009
Thousands of Cuba's animals have been saved from life-threatening diseases and treated for injuries thanks to WSPA emergency aid, delivered in the aftermath of four hurricanes.

WSPA condemns alleged Japanese whaling plans

Jan 27, 2009
WSPA condemns an alleged 'deal' by the Chair of the International Whaling Commission that would allow Japan to resume commercial whaling and see many whales suffer painful deaths.

Situation critical for Gaza’s animals

Jan 23, 2009
Last week WSPA funded the Palestine Wildlife Society to buy veterinary supplies for Gaza's injured animals. But the picture of animal suffering that has emerged is even worse than we feared.

Emergency help for Gaza’s vital working animals

Jan 14, 2009
WSPA is funding over US$10,000 of veterinary supplies to assist the Palestine Wildlife Society as they respond to the current conflict’s brutal effects on working and companion animals.

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