140,000 people, 120 countries, 1 message: Ban bullfighting now

Jul 26, 2010

WSPA campaigners hold up a banner outside the Catalonian parliament, as a reminder that thousands of people worldwide support a Catalonian ban on bullfighting

Catalonia is poised to make history this week, as they vote on a decision that could result in a ban on bullfighting, and 140,000 supporters of animal welfare have signed a letter to the Members of the Catalonian Parliament telling them that they would like to see bullfighting banned.

The signatures were collected through WSPA websites worldwide in support of the joint platform PROU, made up of several Catalonian citizens working for a ban on bullfighting in the region, that have presented this popular initiative (ILP) that will be voted in the Parliament on Wednesday, July 28th.

Approximately 20,000 of the signatures were collected by the Humane Society International.

Copies of the letter were given to each Member of Parliament, along with a toy replica of a bull marked with the slogan ‘I am not a pincushion’, to serve as a reminder when MPs go in to vote on the ILP this week.

Ernest Benach, President of the Catalonian Parliament, receives copies of a letter signed by thousands of people worldwide, expressing their support for a Catalonian ban on bullfighting.

Mounting international support

“This week, the world is watching Catalonia. Local MPs have the chance to make a bold statement about the region’s modern attitude by refusing to allow the continuance of this outdated and cruel practice,” stated Mike Baker, CEO of WSPA International.

Several prominent individuals and professional organizations have also spoken out in support of the Catalonian parliamentary process to protect bulls and prevent the immense suffering meted out to them in bullfights.

“The unprecedented level of international interest and activity that this campaign has inspired amongst members of the public and the media over recent months demonstrates the true scale and spread of the support for a legally-binding abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia,” added Mike Baker.

Voting for a ban

Ernest Benach, the President of the Catalonian Parliament, received the letter from WSPA representatives today, and said he intended to vote for a ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, as he has expressed publicly in different occasions.

Bullfighting is less and less popular

A bullfighting ban in Catalonia would be in keeping with an emerging trend, as more and more local authorities from around the world are outlawing this practice. Within Spain, the Canary Islands have already banned bullfighting, as have cities in Ecuador, Venezuela, France, Portugal and Colombia. A ban in Catalonia would also set an example in Spain for other regions to follow and make the cruelty of bullfighting history.

WSPA campaigners will be present to witness proceedings as the Catalonian Parliament goes to vote on the motion, and we will update you with more information as we have it.

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