A boost for black bear rescue in Tennessee

Oct 21, 2010

October 2010

Over the past couple of years, WSPA has been carrying out in depth organizational development for some of our partner organizations around the world to help them become more effective and sustainable. In the US, WSPA has been working with member society Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR), an American black bear rehabilitation and education organization, located just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Each year, black bears from our national parks and surrounding areas are orphaned, injured or in need of medical care. Thanks to ABR, these bears are given a second chance of life in the wild. ABR’s three-fold mission is: to rehabilitate orphaned and injured bears for release to the wild; to educate the public about black bears and the regional threats facing them; and to research bear attributes which may help solve other environmental or health related issues.

WSPA has been working with ABR to improve strategic planning, build up ABR’s Board of Directors, and increase fundraising development. ABR now has a 3 year strategic framework, 3 new Board members in 2010, and has implemented a fundraising development plan to bring in much needed regular funding. This collaborative work couldn’t have come at a better time for ABR, as 2009 was a bumper year with a record number of 23 bears being admitted to the facility for rehabilitation – a lot of hungry mouths to feed!

Check out ABR’s website and blog for further information.

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