Animals Matter to Tiffani Thiessen and Audrey Landers

May 24, 2010

Actresses join Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis to support WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me” Campaign

Actress Tiffani Thiessen (“White Collar,” “Beverly Hills 90210”) and actress, singer and fashion designer Audrey Landers (“Burn Notice,” “Dallas”) have pledged their support for the World Society for the Protection of Animals’ (WSPA) “Animals Matter to Me” campaign. Their personal videos about why animals matter to them launched today at, where other celebrities – including Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis – have already endorsed an international recognition to end animal cruelty and support animal welfare.


Animals Matter to Audrey Landers:

Landers said, “Animals feel pain, suffering and joy - just like we do. We need laws to protect all animals from cruelty and mistreatment - whether they are companion animals, farm animals or wild animals. I am so thrilled to be a part of the ‘Animals Matter to Me’ movement and encourage others to step forward and help protect animals.”


Animals Matter to Tiffani Thiessen:

Thiessen, who also recently shot a Public Service Announcement for WSPA on reading food labels, proclaimed, “I can’t imagine my life without my animals. They give me the purest of joy - it’s a kind of an unconditional love that you can’t get from humans.”

“Animals Matter to Me” represents a growing community of animal welfarists – people, governments and organizations that are committed to ending animal cruelty and suffering, worldwide. Already, more than 2 million people across the globe have added their support for the campaign by simply adding their name to the declaration on

Cecily West, Executive Director of WSPA-US said: “WSPA is excited to have Tiffani and Audrey as part of our growing animal welfarist community. We’re confident that, by generously giving their time to talk about what animals mean to them, they will inspire many people to support our campaign and help put an end to animal suffering, worldwide.”

Tiffani Thiessen is passionate about protecting all animals and has two dogs and two cats of her own. She currently stars as Elizabeth Burke on USA Network’s original series “White Collar.”  She is also known for her roles on the series “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Good Morning Miami,” “Fast Lane,” and “Saved by the Bell.” Her feature film credits include “Son In Law,” “Ladies Man,” and “Hollywood Ending.”

Landers’ animal companions include three rescued dogs. She is best known to fans for her role as Afton Cooper for eight years on “Dallas,” as well as hundreds of television and film roles including: “Hotel,” “MacGyver,” “Murder She Wrote,” “A Chorus Line - The Movie,” “One Life Live” and, most recently, “Burn Notice.” She is also a record-breaking recording artist in Europe with 10 gold singles, four gold albums and two platinum albums. Last year, she launched Landers STAR Collection, a line of women’s clothing and accessories.

As the world’s largest alliance of animal welfare organizations, with at least one member in virtually every country of the world, WSPA is able to work where there is the greatest need to stop animal suffering and cruelty. The WSPA “Animals Matter to Me” community has a diverse range of high-profile supporters including: Simon Cowell, Leona Lewis, Miranda Richardson, Kristin Davis and Christina Applegate. More at

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