Boston Joins Worldwide Protest of Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter

Oct 7, 2010

October, 2010

Supporters of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) and Cetacean Society International (CSI) will today join the 6th annual international protest to denounce Japan’s dolphin slaughter during “Japan Dolphin Day”. The Boston demonstration will be held at noon in front of the Japanese Consulate at Federal Reserve Plaza, 600 Atlantic Avenue.

Japan’s annual “drive” hunts occur from September to April in coastal towns like Taiji and Futo. The cruelty endured by dolphins and whales caught in drive hunts is immense. Fishermen herd and drive the animals toward shore where they are trapped in nets and brutally killed. Dolphins are also captured live and sold to zoos, aquaria and marine parks worldwide. More recently, the award-winning documentary, The Cove, has raised the worldwide consciousness to this practice.

“Obtaining dolphins in this manner for human entertainment is not only a crime against nature, but also a betrayal of the public’s desire to protect these intelligent, special animals,” says Courtney Vail, Campaigns Officer for WDCS. “Facilities that source animals from these hunts are providing financial incentive for their continuation and are in direct violation of their own codes of ethics.”

“Every aspect of these hunts is cruel and unnecessary - from the exhausting drive from the open ocean that can separate dolphin family groups, to the confinement in a netted cove where the dolphins are brutally slaughtered,” adds Sharanya Krishna Prasad, U.S. Program Manager for WSPA. “The international opposition of dolphin slaughter is growing day by day, and we hope that the Japanese government makes a historic decision to end drive hunts, immediately.”

Helen Rayshick, Executive Director of MARC, agrees: “Dolphins are among the most intelligent, loyal and fascinating animals on the planet. They are not pests and deserve better than to be ruthlessly slaughtered. It is time for the Japanese government to listen to world opinion and stop the killings.”

“To protest Japan’s annual slaughter of dolphins, the largest in the world,” says William Rossiter, President of CSI, “join the many organizations demonstrating at Japanese embassies or consulates in Boston, New York, Washington, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. Let your voice be heard on behalf of dolphins.”

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