California Residents: Help End the Sale of Illegal Whale Meat in Japan

Mar 26, 2010

Despite the 1986 ban on commercial whaling adopted by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan continues to hunt hundreds of whales annually under its so-called “scientific” whaling program – and then sells the meat for commercial profit. The majority of Japan’s whaling occurs within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, which was established by the IWC to protect these animals.

Recent investigations have revealed that FamilyMart, a major retailer in Japan with more than 7,500 convenience stores throughout the country, sells canned whale meat from animals hunted in the North Pacific and Antarctic Oceans in 25% of stores surveyed. Read the comprehensive report >>

Famima!!, a small convenience store chain that operates nine stores in California, is the American subsidiary of FamilyMart. Famima!!’s CEO, Mr. Goichi Itokazu, is a member of the Board of FamilyMart.

Although Famima!! does not sell whale meat in its U.S. stores, WSPA is asking residents of California to contact the CEO of Famima!! and ask him to use his influence to encourage FamilyMart to permanently end the sale of all whale products from its stores.

Please use points from WSPA’s sample letter when you contact Mr. Goichi Itokazu.

Get more information on WSPA’s international anti-whaling campaign >>

Image © Jonas Fr. Thorsteinsson

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