International star Leona Lewis stars in new WSPA ad

Nov 29, 2010

Today, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) unveiled a new advertisement featuring singer and animal lover Leona Lewis supporting the organization’s bear sanctuary work.

Lewis has been a long-time WSPA supporter, because “I want to live in a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends, and that’s the charity’s goal too.” The singer recently visited a bear sanctuary in Romania to see WSPA’s work in action. There, she met bears that were rescued from a life of suffering as tourist attractions kept in cramped cages outside restaurants, on roadsides and in private zoos.

Watch the video:

"Visiting the Romanian bear sanctuary was truly an eye-opening experience," said Lewis. "These bears have suffered horrible tragedies, but now have an amazing second chance at life in a safe and peaceful environment – all thanks to the WSPA and its supporters. I am honored to be a spokesperson for their campaigns, and I encourage others to join in our fight to save all animals from suffering, worldwide."

Last year, Lewis also put her name to WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me" movement for a universal declaration on animal welfare. 

“As an international star, Leona can reach out to a wide audience and show why animals need our protection,” says Silia Smith, Interim U.S. Executive Director at WSPA. “She inspires so many people to help WSPA in our work to end animal cruelty – we are truly fortunate to have her ongoing support.”

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