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What is culling?

Oct 6, 2010
You may ask yourself, “What is culling!?” Last week, we hit the streets here in Boston to ask just that.

The Bolivian drought: bringing water aid to animals in need

Oct 4, 2010
This year, the Bolivian region of El Chaco has faced its driest summer in 20 years. The prolonged drought has caused a water shortage that is affecting poor people and animals throughout the region. Bringing aid to animals in the most affected parts of El Chaco, WSPA is funding an operation that will provide water to small livestock holders – who rely on the animals for income – twice a day, for two months. An estimated total of 9,000 animals will benefit from this help.

Make some noise for World Animal Week!

Oct 3, 2010
World Animal Week (October 4-10) is here, and we can't wait to celebrate, WSPA-style!

South Korean government to consider ending bear farming

Sep 16, 2010
On September 15, the South Korean government began a historic process that could end bear farming in the country.

September brings hope and despair for dolphins

Sep 15, 2010
A New Zealand government official recently made a statement opposing dolphinariums and committing to changing the country’s legislation to ban these facilities for good.

Dallas Cowboy Igor Olshansky partners with WSPA to tackle animal cruelty

Sep 8, 2010
Defensive End Joins WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me” Community of More Than 2.2 Million Animal Advocates

Romania’s 52nd bear is rescued

Sep 7, 2010
On August 25, the Romanian Police and members of the Environment Guard rescued a bear cub from a village guesthouse near Fagaras. They have safely moved him to the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, where he will now live alongside five other young bears.

Delivering Aid to Animals: WSPA responds to five global disasters in 2010

Sep 1, 2010
With nearly 30 years of treating animals in post-disaster situations, WSPA has been involved in some of the world’s most devastating disaster relief efforts - including the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But, not until this year, have we ever responded to so many large-scale global disasters in such a short timeframe.

Three surviving bears rescued from Pakistan floods

Aug 3, 2010
BRC staff launched heroic rescues over the weekend, saving three of the 23 bears that were feared dead as Kund Park was submerged in the floods last week.

Tragedy strikes Kund Park sanctuary

Jul 30, 2010
The floods in Pakistan, caused by what is being described as the ‘heaviest monsoon flooding since 1929’, have resulted in severe damage at the WSPA-funded Kund Park bear sanctuary.

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