EBay amends policy to prohibit pet sales on Korean website

Feb 28, 2011

Following discussions with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), eBay decided to amend its policy in Korea to prohibit the sales of pets on its Korean website, Auction.co.kr.

At the end of 2010, WSPA and member society organization Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) approached eBay to share concerns about pets being listed for sale on the company's website in Korea. KARA had found that unregistered companies and individuals were selling companion animals on Auction.co.kr.

eBay immediately reviewed the issue and made the decision to change its policy in Korea and prohibit pet sales on the site, as is the policy for eBay.com. eBay then notified sellers in Korea of the elimination of the pet animal category and gave them a grace period of approximately one month to voluntarily delist any existing postings, after which eBay removed the postings. Additionally, eBay is putting monitoring efforts in place to detect and delist future attempts to post pet listings.

“We applaud KARA for uncovering this issue and thank eBay for its swift action in working with us to address our concerns,” says Silia Smith, WSPA’s Interim U.S. Executive Director. “Working together, we were able to make a significant change for many animals in need, and help progress global animal welfare.”

Jack Christin, Associate General Counsel, Government Relations for eBay Inc. said that, “eBay is committed to being socially responsible and we take the concerns of our global user community seriously. We thank WSPA for bringing this issue to our attention and working collaboratively with us. After examining these concerns, we decided that a complete ban on pet sales in Korea was the best way to ensure compliance of our sellers with local law and make our policies more consistent across our global marketplace platforms.”

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