Leona Lewis: “Keep Fighting Mega Dairies”

Mar 8, 2011

Globally acclaimed singer Leona Lewis has lent her support to a campaign against the spread of industrial dairy farming in Britain.

Animal lover and former X Factor winner Leona joins a number of famous voices who have spoke out on behalf of WSPA’s “Not in my Cuppa” campaign, which claimed success after leading the movement against the recently-withdrawn Nocton Dairies proposal in Lincolnshire.

“I think it is shocking that in a country like Britain – with its good reputation for animal welfare and farming – that we are even talking about intensive dairy farms,” says Leona. “While it is great news that Nocton Dairies has decided not to build a factory dairy farm, we won’t stop until we know that factory milk from battery cows will never be allowed in Britain.

“I hope lots of people join me in saying ‘Not in my Cuppa’, before anyone tries to build a mega dairy somewhere else in the UK.”

Nocton Dairies wanted to build an industrial dairy operation that would have housed 3,770 cows. It withdrew its application in February; however, the developers have threatened to resubmit in the future.

WSPA warns that industrial farms – including giant mega dairies – have negative impacts on animal welfare, the environment and human health. The organization’s global campaign on farm animal welfare promotes alternatives that aim to benefit farmers, consumers and animals, alike.

For more about WSPA’s farm animal welfare work in the U.S., visit: www.EatHumane.org.

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