WSPA releases online education resource in three languages

May 18, 2011


A new WSPA website offers teachers an invaluable one-stop welfare resource for educating children.

The website, is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and provides the full content of WSPA's First Concepts in Animal Welfare (FCAW) program - dedicated to promoting animal welfare education for children worldwide aged 5-16. The content forms part of the existing Animal Welfare Online site and also acts as a resource bank for other individuals and  organizations involved in animal welfare and humane education that have produced high-quality and effective resources.

In addition to more than 500 online resources searchable by language, curricular area and age range, many of which are free of charge, the website also has news and events pages. The events page highlights upcoming education events worldwide where humane and animal welfare themes are paramount, while the news page showcases global animal welfare education successes that are replicable in other communities.

Animal welfare should be taught at an early age

Mariah McConnaughey, Education and Learning Manager at WSPA International said: “More and more children in Asia, Africa and Latin America are learning the value of animal welfare thanks to the multilingual FCAW program. The development of this new website will make resources more accessible for thousands of educators. We truly believe that engaging children in the importance of animal welfare leads them to be more responsible as adults and better community leaders, as well as improving animals’ future treatment.”

One current example demonstrating the importance of FCAW comes to us from Costa Rica, where an educational project in a community of scarce economic resources demonstrates that young people can leave behind problems like drugs and lack of opportunities by taking care of their animals.

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