Victory for Cows in the UK!

Feb 16, 2011

After a year of campaigning against Nocton Dairies’ plans for a factory dairy farm in Lincolnshire, England, WSPA is thrilled to announce that the plans have been withdrawn. The Nocton Dairies team have published a statement citing the main cause for withdrawal as the recent objection from the Environment Agency >>

"This is fantastic news and greatly welcomed by the World Society for the Protection of Animals,” said Suzi Morris, WSPA UK Director. “While the Environment Agency's objections were the final nail in the coffin for the Nocton plans, our own research made it clear that there were numerous reasons why Nocton should not be given the go-ahead. This is a victory for consumers, dairy farmers and – of course – the cows.”

Mega dairies are not in the interests of Britain's struggling dairy farmers, many of whom do not share Nocton's view that cows do not belong in fields. Given the UK’s self sufficiency in liquid milk, Nocton's intended dairy farm would have displaced 60-100 existing dairy farms.

WSPA hopes that the small dairy farmers and NFU members who spoke out against these plans will continue to gather support from the wider industry for conventional, pasture-based systems – not large-scale, intensive ones.

“We've won this one, but won't stop until we know that factory milk from battery cows will never be allowed in Britain,” added Morris.

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