WSPA rejects temporary suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia

Jun 8, 2011

After more than a week of intense public pressure - following the horrific evidence provided by Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia that aired on the ABC’s Four Corners program - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a suspension of all live cattle exports to Indonesia

However, this is not a permanent ban. Australian Minister for Agriculture, Senator Joe Ludwig, has stated that he will work with the live export industry with the aim of resuming the trade within six months.

WSPA has rejected this interim measure as inadequate.

Jessica Borg, Campaign Manager at WSPA Australia said: “There is simply no such thing as a humane live export trade. We’re appalled by the Minister’s continued support for this cruel industry.”

The investigation, which aired last Monday on Four Corners, is sadly just one example of the cruelty inherent in the Australian live animal export trade. After almost 20 years and millions of Australian dollars, no significant improvement to animal welfare has been made. And yet, Minister Ludwig is relying on the industry itself again to make a difference in more than 120 Indonesian slaughterhouses in just six months.

Jessica added: “Instead of wasting Australian taxpayers’ money trying to improve the inherently cruel live export trade, Ludwig should focus on the local, higher value and more humane chilled meat trade.”

Live animal export to ALL countries needs to end now

Whether it is cattle shipped to Indonesia or sheep shipped to the Middle East, the only way to fully protect Australian animals is to process them within Australia.

WSPA and thousands of our supporters from around the world are calling on the Australian Government to take meaningful action by announcing an end date for live animal exports to all countries.

With continued pressure, we can make a real difference for millions of Australian animals that are suffering.

You can make your voice heard by visiting the WSPA Australia Humane Chain website  today.

(Note: U.S. supporters: When sending the action, please do not enter your zip code in the “Step 1” pop-up box. Instead, check the “Not in Australia” box, click “Done” and proceed to “Step 2”)

Click here  to learn more about WSPA’s global work to end farm animal cruelty


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