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WSPA champions life-saving work of vets in Bali on World Vet Day 2011

Apr 28, 2011
On World Vet Day (Apr. 30, 2011), WSPA celebrates the work of vets in Bali who have helped achieve a marked decrease in rabies.

Making animals matter: 2011 is World Veterinary Year

Apr 18, 2011
2011 is World Vet Year and staff from WSPA’s global team will be attending a series of events to boost animal welfare in the veterinary profession around the world.

WSPA and the FAO call for global dog population body

Apr 4, 2011
International experts identify the need for a technical forum to tackle some of the challenges that face dog population management around the world.

Norwegian whaling season begins as appetite for whale meat fades

Apr 1, 2011
Norway’s 2011 whaling season has officially begun ahead of renewed calls for the Norwegian government to rethink its whaling policy.

WSPA endorses Washington initiative to protect hens

Mar 11, 2011
WSPA has endorsed a ballot initiative being promoted by Washingtonians for Humane Farms – a coalition of animal protection and environmental groups, family farmers and food safety advocates working to end the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens in tiny cages.

Leona Lewis: “Keep Fighting Mega Dairies”

Mar 8, 2011
Globally acclaimed singer Leona Lewis has lent her support to a campaign against the spread of industrial dairy farming in Britain.

EBay amends policy to prohibit pet sales on Korean website

Feb 28, 2011
Following discussions with WSPA, eBay decided to amend its policy in Korea to prohibit the sales of pets on its Korean website,

WSPA supporters prompt action on reindeer cruelty

Feb 18, 2011
Thanks to the actions of thousands of WSPA supporters, Swedish and Finnish authorities are taking steps to end reindeer suffering.

Surrounded by protests on all sides, Japan quits whale hunt mid-season

Feb 18, 2011
Following intense stand-offs with activists, Japan has pulled out of its annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean mid-season.

Victory for Cows in the UK!

Feb 16, 2011
After a year of campaigning against Nocton Dairies’ plans for a factory dairy farm in Lincolnshire, England, WSPA is thrilled to announce that the plans have been withdrawn.

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