Action Alert: Take another step to stop Icelandic whaling

May 3, 2011

Gentle and sociable: a minke with her calf

In 2010 alone, Icelandic whalers slaughtered 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales and exported more than 750 tons of whale meat and products - despite global treaties and bans.

"Modern" whaling methods, such as those used by Iceland's whalers, raise serious animal welfare concerns because it is impossible to humanely kill a whale at sea. The slaughter of whales is inhumane, unnecessary, unsustainable and needs to end.

In December 2010, WSPA and several other groups, on behalf of the WNUS coalition, filed a petition with the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Interior to formally identify - or "certify" - Iceland under the Pelly Amendment, due to the country's increasing whaling activities. Already, thousands of WSPA supporters have sent messages to the Secretaries of Commerce and Interior to express their support in certifying Iceland. While we're optimistic that the U.S. will impose economic sanctions on Iceland, it's still unclear whether direct action will be taken. 
So we are asking for your help once again

It's critical that we continue to keep pressure on the U.S. government to ensure that Iceland's whaling program is stopped - this time by sending a message to Acting Assistant Director, Teiko Saito of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).

Please thank FWS for reviewing the initial Pelly petition and politely urge them to take the necessary steps to certify Iceland under the Pelly Amendment so that President Obama has the right to impose trade sanctions.

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