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Hopes are dashed as Bullfighting continues in Mexico City

May 3, 2012

Mexico City looked set to follow the footsteps of regions across Europe and Latin America who have recently declared themselves anti-bullfighting, after a sub-committee of the Mexico City Legislative Assembly approved a Bill to ban bullfighting in the capital last month.

But yesterday, WSPA learned that the President of the Government Commission, Alejandra Barrales, who is in charge of setting a date for the vote, publicly stated the vote was “not a priority," and the assembly failed to accept the proposal within the deadline.
This comes as a huge disappointment to citizens around the world who want to see an end to this cruel and outdated sport.

Marcela Vargas, Programs Manager of WSPA Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean said: 

“WSPA is deeply disappointed in the Mexico City Assembly’s decision to ignore civil society's will to end an activity that causes unnecessary pain and death to thousands of bulls and horses across the globe. By preventing their society from progressing to a modern culture, free from cruelty, they are supporting an ever dwindling group of supporters at the cost of their international reputation."

WSPA will continue to work closely with local organisations like AMEDEA, responsible Mexican legislators, citizens and the international community to build on the success of our campaign and demand an end to this cruel spectacle. 

Next September, the Mexico City Assembly will have another chance to amend the law. With your continued support, we will prevent this opportunity from being wasted again. 

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