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Sir Paul McCartney lends support to save turtles

Oct 23, 2012

Tank at the Cayman Turtle Farm

Sir Paul McCartney has lent his support to WSPA’s Stop Sea Turtle Farming campaign.

The campaign launched on Monday 15 October and aims to save sea turtles from being cruelly farmed for food in the world’s last commercial farm.

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Sir Paul joins over 58,000 people around the world who have signed up to support the campaign so far.

He tweeted: “There is no humane way to farm sea turtles. Support @WSPA campaign to #stopseaturtlefarming” adding on his official Facebook page: “the Cayman Turtle Farm is the last place on Earth that breeds endangered sea turtles for food.”

Shocking conditions

An investigation conducted by WSPA has revealed disturbing evidence of animal cruelty at the Cayman Turtle Farm.

Despite marketing itself as a conservation focused tourist attraction, the Cayman Turtle Farm is the world’s last remaining facility that commercially raises sea turtles for slaughter and consumption.

Some 7,000 endangered sea turtles – accurately portrayed in Finding Nemo as peaceful animals that travel thousands of miles across oceans – have been effectively immobilised and stockpiled in filthy, tiny tanks for so long that they have begun to cannibalise each other.

The shocking images documented during WSPA’s investigation show widespread problems at the tourist attraction that also commercially factory farms thousands of turtles for human consumption under the banner of sea turtle conservation.

WSPA met with Cayman government officials and the farm’s owners in early July to present its findings and help find a solution to the large scale welfare horrors at the farm.

WSPA and Sir Paul McCartney are now publicly asking the Cayman Turtle Farm to permanently end sea turtle farming.

WSPA Wildlife Campaign Leader Dr Neil D’Cruze said: “WSPA wants to work with the farm to turn the facility into a place that Caymanians can be proud of, in terms of tourism, conservation and animal welfare. To have Sir Paul McCartney’s support for this campaign is tremendous and we hope that people will join him and WSPA in helping to save the Cayman Islands’ green sea turtles.”

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