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New report shines spotlight on farm animal welfare standards

Feb 27, 2013

Mike Baker, WSPA CEO, helped to launch the ground-breaking Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report at an investor event in London this week.

The report looks at 68 global food companies and reveals that many companies in the industry could be doing more to manage the business risks or opportunities associated with farm animal welfare. It is the first structured benchmark of the world's leading food companies – looking objectively at the state of farm animal welfare policy within the food industry.

This is why the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare report is hugely welcomed by World Society for the Protection of Animals. The report raises issues relating to the escalating cost of producing meat at industrial scale, which can have a bearing on the welfare of animals as much as they do on the quality of meat, with producers under increasing pressure to apply cost savings where possible. It will also serve as a tool for investors and other interested stakeholders in helping them understand which food companies have transparent policies to manage animal welfare. This should in turn encourage more businesses to adopt good practices, as they have a direct impact on farm animal welfare both in their own operations and through their supply chains.

“At WSPA USA, we’re excited to be a part of this report’s unveiling,” says Anne Lieberman, Executive Director, WSPA USA. “This study is a great conversation starter, and we hope to use it as one of many tools to work with businesses in developing animal-friendly partnerships and business practices around many campaigns, including Choose Cage-Free.”

You can Read the 2012 report and find out more at the website

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