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WSPA responds to animal welfare needs after floods in Nicaragua and in northern India

Aug 15, 2013

WSPA is deploying a disaster relief team in the rural communities along the Prinzapolka River in Nicaragua. The team will provide emergency treatment to over 11,000 animals in 15 communities affected by heavy flooding caused by a series of tropical storms.

The severe conditions are threatening the survival of vulnerable local communities and the animals they depend upon. These animals have no access to veterinary care and are at risk of infections, parasites, digestive problems, and diseases.

This intervention which involves veterinary treatment, provision of basic veterinary kits, and disaster preparedness training, all of which costs $28,800 so your support is more urgent than ever.

We need your help today - please make a gift to help provide vital relief to the flood-stricken animals in Nicaragua.

Your generosity will also help animals in future disasters by allowing our team to act quickly to bring immediate relief to animals in need.

Flash floods and landslides in northern India

WSPA's disaster response team is also in northern India, responding to the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami.

To learn what we're doing to improve animal welfare conditions and how this in turn is benefiting communities, visit our Animals in Disasters blog:

"After days of heavy rainfall, the state of Uttarakhand experienced a combination of devastating floods and sudden landslides. Many other regions also experienced severe weather, but it was Uttarakhand that was worst hit with 95% of casualties in the area..."

"....Rapid assistance is now being provided for veterinary care, tree plantation projects (as a preventative measure both against future landslides and also as an additional food resource) and construction of safe animal shelters. We will also be working with animal owners on ways to better manage future disasters."

Read on via our animals in disasters blog.

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