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Disaster response on the Prinzapolka River

Sep 11, 2013
Last month, our disaster response teams began working with communities in the North Atlantic Autonomous region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, following a series of tropical storms.

Protecting animals through the next generation of vets

Sep 5, 2013
We are celebrating! It’s the 10th year of our education work and we’re marking it by releasing the 3rd edition of its Concepts in Animal Welfare tool.

WSPA joins other leading animal welfare organizations to oppose bullfighting

Sep 4, 2013
WSPA joins other leading animal welfare organizations outside the Spanish Embassy in London to oppose proposed legislation that will protect bullfighting under the status of 'cultural heritage'.

Revisiting the communities helped in Mongolia's 2010 disaster

Aug 27, 2013
What is the impact of a disaster on animals and the communities that care for them? Scott Cantin revisits Dundgovi, Mongolia, to learn more

Bears to begin new lives in Romanian forest sanctuary

Aug 21, 2013
Fantastic news! Together with local partner, Asociatia Milioane De Prieteni (AMP), we have re-homed two remaining bears from Onesti Zoo in Romania.

What does World Humanitarian Day mean to animals?

Aug 19, 2013
Happy World Humanitarian Day! At WSPA, we know that the lives and welfare of animals and humans are inextricably linked.

Cayman Government welcomes turtle talks

Aug 16, 2013
WSPA has held encouraging meetings with members of the Caribbean Island’s newly elected Government.

WSPA responds to animal welfare needs after floods in Nicaragua and in northern India

Aug 15, 2013
Find out how our we are responding after animals are affected by flooding in Nicaragua and in northern India.

Elephant-friendly tour operators announced in the Netherlands

Aug 12, 2013
Great news for elephants on World Elephant Day! Several key Dutch tour operators have announced that they will no longer offer elephant rides and shows with travel packages.

Partnership with the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association set to launch new animal welfare curriculum for students

Aug 7, 2013
The Ministry of Education in China has announced that it will be instating animal welfare and protection as a core higher education course for animal medical science students.

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