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Update on Bullfighting Action

Apr 22, 2013

Update on bullfighting action: The Spanish government is considering a law to protect and promote bullfighting. The petition aims to formally categorize bullfighting as a "Cultural Interest Good" throughout Spain and Parliament has agreed to debate the issue later in the year. Bullfighting is an outdated spectacle that causes immense suffering for bulls, and most citizens in Spain do not support it or want their taxes spent protecting it. If passed, the bill can result in more public money being spent to promote bullfighting, educational changes that portray bullfighting as positive to children, and overturning bullfighting bans in existing counties.

WSPA is against the torment and death of any animals for amusement. Protect future generations from being exposed to such a cruel pastime by showing international support to end bullfighting in Spain. Now, we’re asking you to contact Ramon Gil-Casares, the Spanish Ambassador to the United States, and ask him to speak out against this proposal.

Click here to send a simple letter to lend your support today. It will only take a minute, but could help save animals for an entire lifetime. Want to spread the word on Twitter? Just share your thoughts with @WSPAUSA with the tag #lovespainhatebullfight

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