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Cattle die in severe floods
Stranded livestock are being tended to and fed where possible, but it is proving difficult to reach all the affected animals in time.

WSPA responds to disaster alerts in Mexico and Indonesia
WSPA funded veterinarians have been working in partnership with the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) assessment and intervention team in the region for the last two weeks with success.

Animals Matter to Tiffani Thiessen and Audrey Landers
Their personal videos about why animals matter to them launched today at, where other celebrities – including Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis – have already endorsed an international recognition to end animal cruelty and support animal welfare.

EBay amends policy to prohibit pet sales on Korean website
At the end of 2010, WSPA and member society organization Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) approached eBay to share concerns about pets being listed for sale on the company's website in Korea.

Dr Gus Thornton, a former WSPA president, has died following a long illness
He cared so very deeply about animals and people, was a kind and generous person, and he spent his life helping others….he will be greatly missed.

WSPA battles the elements
A WSPA assessment team has been sent in to the affected area and is working with its member society, Animales S.O.S, to assess the needs of surviving livestock and companion animals.

WSPA supporters help earn victory for sharks
Shark finning is an extremely cruel and inhumane practice in which fishermen catch sharks, cut off their fins and throw the still-living animals back into the water.

Situation critical for Gaza's animals
The vets’ findings mirrored the anticipated acute animal first aid needs, with conflict-related injuries and wounds and lack of food and water causing the greatest and most immediate suffering.

WSPA Disaster Relief - UPDATE
WSPA uses its expertise and knowledge to react quickly to disasters all over the world. Communication is difficult due to power cuts, but to date assistance has not been needed for animals in the region.

New Animal Welfare Syllabus
The original Concepts in Animal Welfare syllabus was the result of a long-standing collaboration with the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the first academic institutions to pioneer animal welfare teaching and research.

10 Ways to Help Animals during a Disaster
Without an easy-to-execute plan, families are sometimes forced to choose between their own safety and the safety of their beloved animals.

Emergency help for Gaza’s vital working animals
While we currently believe the primary animal welfare need to be the treatment of working animals, vets working with PWLS will also administer first aid to injured dogs and cats that are presented to them.

Animal recovery continues in Myanmar
The WSPA DART team remains in Myanmar, delivering aid and working with the FAO and local people to improve the health of animals that survived Cyclone Nargis.

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A stray dog that has survived flooding, Colombia