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So nearly the last dance
Despite recent reports that bear dancing has been completely eradicated from India, a lot of work still needs to be done before we can truly celebrate the end of this cruel practice; more bears remain in need of rescue.

Listen to an interview with WSPA's bear expert!
Listen to an interview with WSPA's bear expert! Watkins discussed his and WSPA's work to rescue bears from cruelty and exploitation, as well as the welfare needs still facing bears today.

Bears escape cruel ‘dancing’ destiny
WTI and WSPA initiated the Integrated Sloth Bear Conservation and Welfare Project in 2005 to work towards the holistic conservation of sloth bears in India, by providing alternative livelihoods for Kalandars and ensuring that the bears do not endure a life of suffering.

Dancing bears: prevention not cure
From finding and removing captive cubs from miserable lives as dancing bears, we have moved to ensuring they never leave the forest.

Latest bear cub rescue: Two sloth bear cubs seized in Orissa
The project deploys a holistic approach retraining members of the Kalandar community who have engaged in bear ‘dancing’ for reasons of tradition and extreme poverty, spreading awareness through campaigns, controlling trade, strengthening protection in sloth bear habitats, and gathering intelligence to help with confiscations and arrests.

Sun bear added to Red List of Threatened Species
In addition to their numbers falling rapidly in the wild, tens of thousands endure pain and suffering in bear farms across south east Asia and by being forced to dance and fight for human entertainment.

Find out the latest on welfare issues facing bears around the world
The IBA conference provides bear experts (organizations and academics) with a platform to share their knowledge of issues facing bears around the world, to encourage best practice and deliver solutions.

Romania’s 52nd bear is rescued
They have safely moved him to the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, where he will now live alongside five other young bears.

Three surviving bears rescued from Pakistan floods
Residents of the villages surrounding the Kund Park sanctuary spotted these bears and alerted BRC staff to their presence. Despite the inaccessible roads and vague information on the location of the bears, staff from BRC bravely ventured into the flooded areas in search of these bears.

More good news for Vietnam's bears
This is a great sign that the government is sticking to its commitment to phase out bear bile farms in Vietnam and ensure that no more bears are introduced into this cruel industry.

Four bears saved in latest local network success
The network includes former organizers of bear baiting events – locally influential people who have been convinced to give up this bloody sport and support our work.

Bear park visitors unaware of cruelty
A recent poll of visitors to Japan's bear parks stated that they were unaware of how the bears suffered, and that they would not have visited if they had been aware.

Local networking saves bears from cruel contest
WSPA and PBRC’s local networking program enabled them to enlist support against the powerful landlords who arranged the event.

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