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Bear cub rescued by Tennessee Member Society
Lisa wrote to WSPA to let us know about their latest bear cub and his journey to recovery at ABR.

Twenty years of bear care
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources brought the tiny cubs to non-profit IBBR which is celebrating 20 years of successful rehabilitation and release of black bears.

Find out the latest on welfare issues facing bears around the world
The IBA conference provides bear experts (organizations and academics) with a platform to share their knowledge of issues facing bears around the world, to encourage best practice and deliver solutions.

A boost for black bear rescue in Tennessee
Each year, black bears from our national parks and surrounding areas are orphaned, injured or in need of medical care.

Bears escape cruel ‘dancing’ destiny
WTI and WSPA initiated the Integrated Sloth Bear Conservation and Welfare Project in 2005 to work towards the holistic conservation of sloth bears in India, by providing alternative livelihoods for Kalandars and ensuring that the bears do not endure a life of suffering.

Romania’s 52nd bear is rescued
They have safely moved him to the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, where he will now live alongside five other young bears.

Latest bear cub rescue: Two sloth bear cubs seized in Orissa
The project deploys a holistic approach retraining members of the Kalandar community who have engaged in bear ‘dancing’ for reasons of tradition and extreme poverty, spreading awareness through campaigns, controlling trade, strengthening protection in sloth bear habitats, and gathering intelligence to help with confiscations and arrests.

Member society’s dedication saves cubs from bear baiting
Their own safety was threatened as they rescued two bear cubs from poachers in Pakistan. In the same month, the dangers inherent in their vital work inspired BRC to hold a ceremony applauding the wildlife department field staff that work alongside them; some of whom have been tortured as they protected bear welfare.

WSPA moves new resident to bear sanctuary
Talks began at the wildlife department of moving Maylu to a zoo – at this point WSPA heard about Maylu and quickly set the wheels in motion to receive the bear into the renowned Kund Park Bear Sanctuary.

A convert from cruelty: former baiter gives up last bear
BRC’s effective local landlord networking approach had convinced Sufi Muhammad Rafique – once one of the most determined bear baiting organizers in Sindh province – to turn his back on this brutal sport in 2005.

WSPA 2008 Achievements
The WSPA-led Handle with Care campaign launched across nine countries in a blaze of publicity, moving politicians and the public to call for an end to the long distance transportation of animals.

Member society wades in after storms hit Sri Lanka
WSPA member society, Blue Paw Trust, recognized that a number of animals were also being affected by the severe weather conditions and sent a mobile veterinary unit into the Puttalam District, North of Colombo, to assist in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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