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Kick start your humane diet with these “best egg brands
For shoppers who are just starting a humane diet, the search for these products can be daunting, but there is one grocery aisle where choosing a humane option is easier.

Taiwan to ban live bird markets
WSPA and member society the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) welcome the government of Taiwan's public confirmation that a ban on live bird markets will come into effect in April 2008.

New York City event spotlights survival of parrots
The AWC will be joined by an esteemed panel of leaders in animal welfare, enforcement, advocacy, and sheltering in the New York City area for an informative and provocative discussion that will focus on the crucial welfare and protection issues that exotic birds face in the wild and in captivity.

Animal welfare still a concern at Ontario zoos
Many of Ontario's zoos subject animals to lives in small, barren cages where they are deprived of opportunities to behave naturally.

2007 Achievements: The first six months
In the first six months of 2007, WPSA has had a number of hugely significant successes for animal welfare. WSPA and member society Environment and Animal Protection Society of Taiwan (EAST) have achieved a major step forward in animal protection in Taiwan - thanks to a hard-hitting video campaign and supporter action.

New livestock teaching farm opens in Indonesia
The opening of the new farm on May 3rd marks a step towards the full recovery of animal welfare facilities in the devastated region.

WSPA pays tribute to animal welfare pioneer
In 1967, he set up CIWF, to rally against the cages and crates that were being used so prevalently to house farm animals.

Experts turn out for farm animal welfare in China
In April, world-renowned animal welfare experts traveled to China to take part in a landmark conference on farm animal welfare.

Farm animal victory in the USA
WSPA congratulates member societies the Humane Society of the United States and the Farm Sanctuary for their work, along with other US-based animal welfare groups, in improving the lives of thousands of farm animals.

Factory farming encourages global poverty
A new report by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) says that far from benefiting those suffering from poverty and hunger - as once promoted by Governments and Development Agencies - factory farming is actually part and parcel of the poverty problem.

WSPA 2009 Achievements for Animal Welfare
As the world’s largest alliance of animal welfare organizations, WSPA works with our partners where the animal welfare need is greatest.

Leona Lewis: “Keep Fighting Mega Dairies
Animal lover and former X Factor winner Leona joins a number of famous voices who have spoke out on behalf of WSPA’s “Not in my Cuppa campaign, which claimed success after leading the movement against the recently-withdrawn Nocton Dairies proposal in Lincolnshire.

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