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September brings hope and despair for dolphins
However, holding a marine mammal in captivity, taking a marine mammal from the wild, and importing or exporting marine mammals is allowed with a permit approved by the Minister of Conservation.

Petition to end a captive dolphin program on the Las Vegas strip
The two groups immediately filed a joint complaint requesting that The Mirage’s permit request be denied based on their dismal animal care record and transport concerns, among other issues.

Proposed dolphin scheme in Thailand thwarted
WSPA is pleased to report that plans to build the facility have been abandoned. You can help WSPA protect dolphins by letting us know whenever you hear about a new captive dolphin facility being proposed in your community.

Report exposes suffering at whale and dolphin attractions
WSPA and the HSUS believe there can be no justification for subjecting these animals to traumatic captures and an impoverished quality of life.

Japanese dolphin slaughter protests on September 25, 2007
This year on September 25th, WSPA and dolphin advocates around the world will stage an international day of protest against Japan's bloody drive fisheries.

Orca attacks SeaWorld trainer
This repeated aggressive behaviour is doubly concerning as it reveals the serious welfare risk to both people and animals for the sake of entertainment.

WSPA Report Reveals Plight of Captive Dolphins in Holiday Hotspots
The report describes in detail the state of the two countries’ captive dolphin facilities which are largely found in or near resorts frequented by international tourists.

Japan Dolphin Day: a spotlight on large-scale suffering
Japan Dolphin Day aims to draw attention to the secretive and violent hunts that take place in Japanese waters and convince authorities that a change in policy is urgently needed.

Costa Rica celebrates first Whale and Dolphin Festival
The Costa Rican Coalition for Whales celebrated the country’s first Whale and Dolphin Festival this month, introducing yet more people to the breathtaking joys of humane whale watching.

Croatia rejects dolphinarium
WSPA applauds our member society Animal Friends Croatia for a successful lobbying campaign to prevent the opening of a dolphinarium in the Croatian town of Vodnjan.

Achievements of 2005
WSPA works in cooperation with more than 600 member societies across the globe to produce positive results for animals. WSPA funding helped send 80 Canadian vets and vet techs to Louisiana to help with the triage and care of animals following Hurricane Katrina.

Boston Joins Worldwide Protest of Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter
Fishermen herd and drive the animals toward shore where they are trapped in nets and brutally killed. Facilities that source animals from these hunts are providing financial incentive for their continuation and are in direct violation of their own codes of ethics.

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