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Emergency help for Gaza’s vital working animals
While we currently believe the primary animal welfare need to be the treatment of working animals, vets working with PWLS will also administer first aid to injured dogs and cats that are presented to them.

Situation critical for Gaza's animals
The vets’ findings mirrored the anticipated acute animal first aid needs, with conflict-related injuries and wounds and lack of food and water causing the greatest and most immediate suffering.

Mongolian herdsmen applaud WSPA programs
WSPA's equine projects celebrate their first achievements in improving animals' health and people's lives. Before the treatments, local herders were losing more than 500 horses per year due to parasite-related diseases.

Landmark animal aid bound for Cuba
Cuban economists estimate the effect of the hurricanes has put the country’s development back eighteen years. This is the first time an animal welfare organization has been allowed to conduct a disaster assessment in the country.

Going the distance for transported animals
Over the last two years, the Handle with Care coalition campaign – led by WSPA – has successfully worked towards an end to the long distance transport of live animals.

Thousands of horses to benefit from new clinic
WSPA and member society Fundacion el Refugio Animal have opened a clinic to help the overloaded and overworked horses of Colombia’s capital Bogotá.

European Commission acknowledges need to handle with care
The European Commission has publicly responded to the WSPA-led Handle with Care coalition’s demands for better enforcement of existing EU legislation on animal transportation and - in the longer term - a complete end to long distance transport.

WSPA partners with Sphere India to help the animals of Kashmir survive the winter
WSPA was recently approached by Sphere India, a national coalition of humanitarian agencies working in India, and asked to contribute our animal welfare expertise and leadership following flash flooding and mud slides in Kashmir which have affected more than 23 villages that depend on nearly 14,000 animals for their livelihoods.

Animals Matter campaign goes from strength to strength
You can be a powerful advocate for animals too – please sign up to the Animals Matter campaign and encourage friends and family to join you.

One year later: WSPA assesses the impact of animal relief work in Haiti
Launched a public awareness campaign to educate Haitians about disaster preparedness and health issues related to their livestock and pets.

Animal relief reaches Cuba
A second shipment of veterinary supplies and drugs reached Cuba yesterday, met by one of WSPA’s experienced vets. The extent of the damage may be what prompted the government to allow WSPA to mount the first ever disaster relief operation by an international animal welfare group within Cuba.

Anti- and pro-bullfighting groups go head to head in Europe
Update: As a result of last week's successful anti-bullfighting activity in the EU parliament, 95 MEPs signed the white model bull and over 1,000 parliament staff signed an anti-bullfighting petition.

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