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World welcomes news that Japan will spare humpbacks
WSPA welcomes the news that Japan is no longer seeking to kill 50 humpback whales in their current Antarctic hunt.

WSPA’s evidence critical in victory for whale welfare
WSPA’s undercover investigation revealed that 25% of whales killed by Greenland – which they are permitted to hunt only for aboriginal subsistence purposes – are sold commercially, resulting in significant profit and exploding the myth that their whaling quotas are purely subsistence based.

Spring brings bloody waters in Norway - the whaling season has started
Sadly this will be the first of up to 1,052 whales which Norway is set to kill this season, in hunts which result in prolonged and extreme suffering as many whales do not die straight away.

Surrounded by protests on all sides, Japan quits whale hunt mid-season
Following intense stand-offs with activists, Japan has pulled out of its annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean mid-season.

Norwegian whaling season begins as appetite for whale meat fades
Norway’s 2011 whaling season – which will permit the killing of up to 1,286 whales between April and August – kicked off on Apr. 1, despite growing public opinion against the cruelty of whaling.

Whalewatch reactive news statement
Whalewatch - a coalition of over 140 animal welfare organisations representing more than 55 countries - is pressing the government of Japan and the International Whaling Commission to halt all scientific permit whaling operations on the grounds of animals welfare.

WSPA condemns Japanese whaling fleets
"WSPA believes that the hunger to kill whales is being replaced by a hunger to understand and protect them in their natural environment.

Urge President Obama to protect whales, not whaling
This March, members of an International Whaling Commission (IWC) working group met to discuss the future of the commission, including a deal that would reinstate commercial whaling and spell disaster for whales. WSPA is adamantly opposed to this deal and fighting to save the ban on commercial whaling.

WSPA condemns alleged Japanese whaling plans
WSPA condemns reported attempts by the Chair of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to strike a deal enabling Japan to resume commercial whaling, when all credible science tells us there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea.

The whales granted a reprieve at the International Whaling Commission
WSPA is happy that the whales have been given a reprieve and urge the IWC member states to use the “cooling off period to consider the inherent cruelty of whaling.

An end to Whaling in Iceland
Claire Bass, Marine Mammals Program Manager, comments “WSPA applauds the Icelandic government’s historic decision to stop commercial whaling and is pleased that the Icelandic market for whale-watching continues to flourish - making the most of the whales in their waters by watching – not killing them.

Challenge to Greenland’s whaling claims
An undercover investigation conducted by WSPA has found evidence to challenge the myth that Greenland’s whaling is exclusively for aboriginal subsistence purposes.

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