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TAFA: Sharing Ideas and Advocating for Animal Protection

Taking Action for Animals (TAFA), run by WSPA partner the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is an annual conference that unites animal advocates from across the nation under one common vision: a better world for animals and people, alike.

ACCD: Furthering the Development of Non-surgical Sterilization Methods for Cats and Dogs

ACCD stimulates and advises scientific advancement; evaluates non-surgical sterilants, contraceptives and current research; and provides stakeholders with scientifically sound, animal welfare oriented information on this field.

Code 3 Water Rescue at Flood

Code 3 Associates: 25 Years of Providing Disaster Response Services

WSPA Member Society Code 3 Associates works to provide professional animal disaster response and disaster preparedness training to communities.

Animal Welfare Coalition Declares January 5 National Bird Day

WSPA Member Society Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC), in coordination with Born Free USA, is calling on activists across the country to take action on behalf of captive birds on Jan. 5 – National Bird Day.

The Pig Preserve: Giving Lifetime Care to Rescued Pigs

The Pig Preserve is carrying out a new concept in the long-term care of rescued pigs: providing a safe, natural and healthy life for pigs of all breeds.

spcaLA Combats Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence with TLC

spcaLA’s intensive TLC workshop is designed to prevent animal cruelty and, in turn, prevent violence toward people.

ALDF Fights to Expose Animal Abusers

Sign the petition and demand that your state require animal abusers to register in their communities.

GREY2K USA Achieves Another Historic Victory for Greyhounds

Greyhound advocates won another historic victory when the New Hampshire House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to make dog racing illegal in the Granite State.

Meet the Fosters at the Richmond SPCA

Meet the Fosters at the Richmond SPCA, a high-volume foster care program that equips volunteers with the skills, supplies and access to around-the-clock veterinary care needed to successfully and safely care for foster pets.

New England Wildlife Center: Ending Public Misconception about Raccoons

The next time you have a run-in with a neighborhood raccoon, don’t rush to judgment.

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