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A stray dog forages for food in a rubbish tip, Egypt

Why Join WSPA?

The WSPA Network can:

  • Connect your U.S. Member Society to international animal welfare organizations, and also to other U.S. organizations, working on every animal welfare issue.

  • Provide support to your U.S. Member Society's work, whatever your size, by working in partnership and helping to promote your work. For example, the WSPA Network helped the Avian Welfare Coalition raise awareness and increase attendance at a National Bird Day event.  Appalachian Bear Rescue's bear safe education work is promoted to other members in the WSPA Network.

  • Help create sister organization relationships between your U.S. Member Society and a Member Society in a developing country. For example, the Animal Rescue League of Boston has a sister relationship with the Visakha SPCA in India that extends ARL's reach into the developing world and tells their supporters that they are making a difference for animals far beyond their own community.

  • Enable your U.S. Member Society to use the WSPA as the international arm of your organization. For example, when a disaster strikes overseas, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA/Angell) provides emergency funds to support the World Society for the Protection of Animals' international relief efforts.

  • Enable capacity building and the sharing of global animal welfare resources. For example, members of the Association of Professional Humane Educators are using the Animal Care Teacher's Manual, developed by Life Conservationist Association and the WSPA, in its humane education programs in the United States.

  • Enable U.S. Member Societies to become involved in large global animal welfare campaigns and coalitions. For example, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is one of many U.S. Member Societies who are helping to generate signatures for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare on their website, encouraging their members to become part of this global effort to improve conditions for animals worldwide.

No other organization can provide your organization with all of these opportunities. Only WSPA helps fully facilitate collaboration and the sharing of information between organizations around the world. You retain your independence and identity, while sharing in the success of international work to save and improve the lives of animals in the developing world.

Joining WSPA is an incredible value. All of the benefits detailed above are yours for an annual membership fee of less than $100!   (This minimal fee may be waived for organizations that are unable to pay, but would benefit from becoming part of the WSPA Network.)

Join the Global Network today

WSPA USA invites your U.S. organization to join a true family of societies that share the same ideals of making the world a better place for animals. Please complete the application below and send it to WSPA at the following address:

Philip Wilson
Member Societies
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Lincoln Plaza
89 South St., Suite 201
Boston, MA 02111

Download Application Materials

Application for Society Membership >> (PDF)
Country Profile Form >> (PDF)
Member Society Brochure >> (PDF)

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Cats being transported by member society the Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand