What are Member Societies?

Puppies cared for by a member society in Bangalore, India

The WSPA Member Society Network is the largest international alliance of animal welfare organizations in the world, with more than 1,000 member societies in over 150 countries.

The network is an international force that influences local decision makers and governments alike. Collectively, we work to create a momentum of positive change for animals worldwide.

Member societies range from large organizations, covering a range of welfare issues, to small groups working on specific problems. All are working towards improving animal welfare, be it on a local, national or international scale.

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For the latest news on Member Society work and animal welfare developments around the world, please see the latest edition of the Global Network Magazine (PDF).

Working together for animal welfare

WSPA seeks to collaborate with and support animal welfare groups in all aspects of its work.

We offer member societies a number of benefits: 

  • Partnership
    WSPA implements effective and sustainable animal welfare projects around the world by working with groups who have local skills and knowledge.

    Whether a small-scale rescue operation or an international campaign, WSPA has seen how organizational partnerships can place significant pressure on decision makers and achieve far-reaching results.

  • Advice
    WSPA and other member societies offer guidance on a range of issues including animal welfare, campaigning, fundraising and organizational management.

    Less experienced groups benefit from the help of established organizations who have faced similar problems. Established societies play an active role in problem-solving by sharing their expertise.

  • Information
    WSPA’s extensive resource library contains written and visual resources covering a range of topics, from stray control to shelter management to effective campaigning and fundraising.

    WSPA also shares information with member societies through regular e-mails, letters and a biannual magazine.

  • Training
    WSPA runs workshops, conferences and individual training sessions round the world. These capacity-building programs cover a variety of animal welfare issues and management skills, aiming to develop the expertise and knowledge of member societies.

If you represent an animal welfare group interested in joining the Member Society Network, please contact membersocieties@wspausa.org.

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