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Twenty million dogs just like this one are brutally killed every year – that’s 38 every minute. One of the main reasons for this cruelty is fear of rabies, but killing dogs doesn’t stop this disease.

The dogs die in terrifying ways including poisoning, strangling or electrocution. They spend minutes, or even hours, in agony before they die. This shocking cruelty is motivated by real fear, but perhaps the biggest tragedy is how pointless it is.

Only widespread dog vaccination is scientifically proven to stop this entirely preventable disease, long-term. Compassion works. Cruelty just kills – it destroys dogs and allows rabies to spread.

WSPA is calling on governments to stop killing dogs, and instead run effective dog vaccination programs. We want every vaccinated dog to be fitted with a collar to show communities that they are protected against rabies.

Demand Collars Not Cruelty in the fight against rabies. Join WSPA.

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