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Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare
A UDAW would work for human health – animal welfare contributes to sustainable farming systems and the improvement of human food safety.

Who we are
WSPA’s vision is of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends. Commercial exploitation of wildlife – intensive farming and the cruel management and killing of wild animals for food or by-products.

Animal clinics
With so many animals in developing countries requiring veterinary attention, the need for well-equipped treatment facilities is vital. WSPA helps local partners across the world set up veterinary clinics to deliver affordable care to animals in need.

Education meets celebration in Costa Rica
The Costa Rican government considers humane education to be an essential part of its ongoing “Peace for Nature initiative, and provided activities at the event to engage the children with the animal welfare message.

The life of a dancing bear
Many bear cubs die from neglect and dehydration before they can be sold to Kalandars, India’s traditional dancing bear owners.

A place of sanctuary
Caged in cramped and unnatural surroundings, with poor nutrition, the illegally-held bears endure miserable lives. Romania’s animal welfare concerns also include bears living in outdated zoos which have failed to meet EU regulations.

Give Online
Whether helping care for farm animals in the aftermath of a natural disaster, implementing humane stray control programs, campaigning to end unnecessary acts of cruelty, or raising international awareness of animal welfare, WSPA is making a lasting difference in the lives of animals throughout the world.

Downloads and resources
For more information on WSPA's education work or to share humane education materials, please use these resources. This brochure explains more about the IN AWE program, how it works, who it is aimed at and what it hopes to achieve.

What better way to help World Society for the Protection of Animals carry on the work you have supported during your lifetime than by making a bequest to WSPA.

Ten Ways You Can Help Animals
This problem is made worse by “factory-style dog-breeding facilities known as puppy mills, which put profit above the welfare of animals.

Gifts from Retirement Plans
Most people know that their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Keoghs or qualified pension or profit-sharing plans are taxable when they take money from them; but people don't often know that there is another tax looming over those same retirement plans - the estate tax. First of all, retirement plan assets left to heirs are taxable to them as ordinary income.

Captive-bred dolphins in interactive programs
The claim that captive dolphins are semi-domesticated or that a captive-bred dolphin is less of a predatory wild animal due to its birth in captivity has no scientific basis.

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Protect wild bears

Support WSPA's campaign to end bear farming

An Asiatic Black Bear in the wild