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Sir Paul McCartney lends support to save turtles - related articles

"Gagging" Farm Animal Welfare across the U.S.

Several state legislatures are trying to prevent undercover investigations at factory farms being exposed to the public by proposing “ag-gag” bills. If passed, these bills would make the photography or videotaping of abuse, unsanitary or unethical activities on farms a crime.

100,000 dogs walk in WSPA's virtual dog march

Today, more than 100,000 virtual dogs are marching across the Internet to deliver a global message: Use collars, not cruelty, in the fight against rabies.

Anne Lieberman Joins WSPA as U.S. Executive Director

Lieberman brings 20 years of proven nonprofit experience to global animal welfare organization.

Bogota Mayor takes public stance against bullfighting

The public stance taken by the Mayor of Bogota has bolstered the anti-cruelty movement in Colombia and our bullfighting campaign in Latin America

Bullfighting success in Bogotá

Mayor helps movement towards bullfighting ban in Bogotá, Colombia.

Crackdown on illegal bear bile tourism in Vietnam

Our partners, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), have taken action in Vietnam with WSPA support that has led to police and government officials shutting down illegal tours of bear farms in Ha Long Bay.

Enclosure opens at Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary to house last 25 bears held in illegal captivity in Romania

Twenty years after building the world's first bear sanctuary, we opened the final enclosure at the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary this week in the Carpathian Mountains.

Farm animal welfare efforts impress at Earth Summit

WSPA supporters helped ensure one huge change at June’s United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20): the inclusion of farm animals.

From the field: Achieving "Collars Not Cruelty" in Cox's Bazar

WSPA’s mass vaccination project in Bangladesh is helping to protect thousands of dogs, as well as local families, from rabies.

Global meeting delivers mixed blessings for whales

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting has concluded with both successes and disappointments for those committed to protecting marine mammals.

Hawaii Close to Banning Bear Bile Trade

WSPA recently asked our supporters for help in urging Hawaii Legislators to support a bill (House Bill 2296 ) that would end the trade of bear gallbladders and bile and protect bears globally.

Help End Sea Turtle Cruelty

WSPA investigation uncovers shocking cruelty at Caribbean tourism hotspot.

Historic vote to end global bear bile industry

We would like to congratulate the IUCN for voting a motion to end bear bile farming at their World Congress.

Hollywood star Alice Braga backs WSPA’s Pawprint campaign

Alice Braga joined our campaign to promote farm animal welfare at the Earth Summit in Rio this week.

Hopes are dashed as Bullfighting continues in Mexico City

WSPA learned that the President of the Government Commission publicly stated the vote was "not a priority," and the assembly failed to accept the proposal.

Illinois Bans Shark Fin Trade

WSPA supporters advocated for new law, which will help protect millions of sharks from cruel shark finning practices.

John A. Hoyt: A lasting legacy

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to John A. Hoyt, one of WSPA’s founding board members.

Korea displays commitment to end bear farming

The Korean government has publicly committed to find a way to end bear farming in 2012.

Life at Balkasar: Shama, Milla and Lala

Watch a slideshow of our newest residents at Balkasar Sanctuary.

More than 100,000 People to the UN - The Humane Future We Want for Farm Animals

As part of WSPA’s Pawprint campaign, supporters ask world leaders to put animal welfare at the heart of the upcoming Rio+20 conference agenda

More than 100,000 voices: We want Chilean sea lions protected - not killed!

Supporters around the world want protection for the thousands of sea lions in Chile that are at risk of capture and needless slaughter.

No more bullfights in Catalonia, as struggle moves to Latin America

As 2012 sees a bullfight ban come into force in the Spanish region of Catalonia, WSPA is now working to halt the cruel practice across Latin America.

One Year of Collars Not Cruelty in the Fight against Rabies

WSPA’s successful global campaign to protect dogs launches new projects in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia

Protect sharks from slow and painful deaths at sea

The demand for shark fin soup is causing immense suffering for sharks around the world – help end the brutal practice of shark finning.

Rabies alert level lowered after dog vaccination success in Bali

Balinese officials claim to bring the disease under control after WSPA-led, island-wide vaccination project.

Ricky Gervais asks animal lovers to "Collar a dog, spread the word, save a life"

Comedian Ricky Gervais has announced his support for WSPA’s Collars Not Cruelty campaign to protect dogs from both cruelty and rabies.

South Korea announces plans to hunt minke whales

Cruel proposals are a serious blow to animal welfare.

Success in Chile: WSPA supporters help save 300 sea lions

WSPA, along with local partner Ecoceanos, are celebrating a success in our SOS Sea Lions Chile campaign, with 300 sea lions saved from needless slaughter.

The World Organisation for Animal Health adopts first international standards on animal welfare in livestock production systems

We congratulate the OIE Delegates for adopting the first international standards on animal welfare in livestock production systems

Three new bears at Balkasar Sanctuary

Three black bears have been rescued from brutal lives of bear baiting.

Time for South Korea to end bear farming

The end of the bile industry is long overdue; the immense distress that the bears suffer is ongoing.

Vietnam celebrates inaugural bear day

Vietnam’s pop diva My Linh and 50 other celebrities joined forces to celebrate Bear Day – calling for an end to the bear bile industry in Vietnam

Why Animals Matter at Rio+20 – Kinder Farming = Clever Farming

WSPA will be calling on the UN and governments to recognise the importance and benefits of humane animal farming practices in ensuring we can feed the world sustainably.

WSPA Animal Disaster Relief in Action: Brazil

Since January, WSPA's disaster relief team has been working in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil, helping animals affected by recent flooding and landslides. View a slideshow of some of the animals we've already saved.

WSPA celebrates better future for India's bears

WSPA’s 17 years of bear protection work in India and our part in ending the cruelty of bear dancing was recognised by the Indian government today, as it announced a national action plan to safeguard bears.

WSPA celebrates the end of dog culling in Dhaka

WSPA congratulates the Dhaka City Corporation for enforcing an immediate ban on dog culls in response to the threat of rabies.

WSPA denounces latest proposal to 'trade whale quotas'

WSPA criticizes this proposal on grounds that it ignores a fundamental reality: that whales are conscious, intelligent animals who suffer slow, agonizing deaths when hit by the whalers’ exploding harpoons.

WSPA helps put animal welfare on the agenda for Rio20

WSPA has helped secure agreement from the UN to include sustainable livestock AND animal health on the agenda for the UN Earth Summit (Rio+20)

WSPA to co-host first-ever international conference on dog population management

WSPA is joining forces with some of the world’s leading animal welfare groups to support the First International Conference on Dog Population Management 2012, which will take place in York, England, this September.

WSPA welcomes new Chief Veterinary Adviser

Dr David Bayvel joins WSPA in the summer as Chief Veterinary Adviser, expanding WSPA’s global presence in the field of veterinary science.

WSPA’s call for farm animal welfare builds global momentum

Global support is growing fast for WSPA’s call for better farm animal welfare to be at the heart of discussions around sustainable development.

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