WSPA's Work

A brown bear in a WSPA-built sanctuary, Turkey


Campaigning to protect bears from cruelty and captivity
A stray dog that has survived flooding, Colombia

Companion animals

Improving the quality of life for dogs, cats, and working equines around the world
A slaughtered fin whale is towed to shore

Marine mammals

WSPA works to end cruelty to whales and dolphins
Free range lambs

Farm Animal Welfare

Billions of farm animals throughout the world are reared behind the closed doors of the factory farm.
An orangutan cared for by the BOS Foundation

Saving the orangutan

These endangered apes face deforestation and random culling


This violent blood sport pits a bull against men wielding weapons
Cattle in a flooded pen, Bolivia

Disaster management

Animal welfare is a vital part of rebuilding communities after a disaster
School children in Thailand participate in the IN AWE Education programme


Developing compassion and respect are at the heart of WSPA’s education work

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Boy with working horse