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Animals in disasters

When disaster strikes animals are often the most vulnerable victims. In floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters, millions of animals can be displaced, injured or separated from their families.

WSPA’s Disaster Relief Teams respond to disasters quickly, providing veterinary care, food and shelter for livestock and pets. By helping animals affected by disasters, we reduce their suffering and help entire communities recover from tragedy.

Right now, WSPA has been lending a hand to help over 9,000 animals survive in the harshest conditions during India's ongoing drought

Read more about our global efforts protecting animals in disasters on our disaster management blog.

Risk reduction

WSPA also works with governments and communities in disaster-prone areas to develop emergency preparedness plans for animals and their owners.

We set up national public service announcements and show people how to prepare for disasters, such as:

  • Providing adequate storage and protection of food and water
  • Identifying or marking animals so they can easily be reunited with their owners
  • Preparing methods for removing animals safely
  • Strengthening and securing animal shelters
  • Preparing vaccination programs 

When disaster strikes, WSPA’s staff can be there within days through our global network of disaster response teams. Our member societies help get relief programs up and running quickly. WSPA provides emergency veterinary care through static and mobile clinics, feeds hungry animals and reunites animals with their owner wherever possible. WSPA has been doing relief work in disaster-struck areas for more than four decades. Read more about two of our recent interventions on our animals in disasters blog.

WSPA's Rehabilitation Work

WSPA aims to get living conditions back to normal – or improve them – for all affected animals. Restoring veterinary care is crucial.
In the aftermath of an emergency situation, WSPA will put in place preparation plans to minimize the impact of future disasters in the area. These can and do then become models for preparation work elsewhere.

Support Us

We never know when a disaster will strike, but we do everything we can to prepare and protect vulnerable animals and respond when the worst happens.

To support WSPA's disaster relief work, please make a gift.
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