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An Asiatic black bear caged for its bile in a bear farm

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From Cage to Consumer

This report presents the findings of an survey on illegal bear trade conducted throughout 2006.

The surveys were carried out in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.

The report focuses in particular on what proportion of illegal trade in bear products globally is reported to originate from China and its bear farms. Information presented in the report includes:

  • The current legislation in each country relevant to bear trade.
  • The number of instances where illegal bear products were found on sale in each country.
  • Where indicated, whether the bear product originated from China.
  • The price range for bear products found on sale during the survey.

From Cage to Consumer (PDF)

WSPA's Supplemental Report: Evidence of Illegal Bear Bile Trade in the US (PDF)

Finding Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile

In its campaign to bring an end to bear farming, WSPA recognizes that herbal alternatives to bear bile need to be identified.

With this in mind we are now in the process of identifying both individual herbs and herbal formulas that are known to have the same properties or effects as bear bile. As we work to do this, WSPA strongly believes that collaboration with the Traditional Medicine community is essential. This 2005 report looks at what we already know.

Finding Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile (PDF)


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