Bear sanctuaries

Scenery inside Romania's first bear sanctuary

Forested sanctuaries enable the enforcement of animal protection laws by providing a safe place for confiscated and rescued bears.

Providing sanctuary

Rescued or confiscated bears may be unable to adapt to a life in the wild. For these animals the best option is a forested sanctuary in which they can behave as naturally as possible.

To provide such a place, WSPA has worked with member societies and governments to build bear sanctuaries in India, Pakistan, Greece, Laos, Hungary, Thailand and Turkey.

WSPA is now collaborating with Milioane de Prieteni, a member society in Romania, to provide a much needed forested sanctuary for Romania’s illegally-held captive bears, which are used as tourist attractions and kept in poor conditions.

WSPA and MP will enable Romania’s existing animal welfare legislation – which requires a decent environment for captive bears – to be enforced by providing the nation’s first sanctuary.

Read more about new beginnings at the Romanian sanctuary >>

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