A bullish response

WSPA and member society ADDA are campaigning for a ban on bullfighting in the Spanish region of Catalonia.

In response to public support for the ban, the dwindling pro-bullfighting lobby has been increasing their efforts to block it.

In 2006 it was announced that La Monumental – Barcelona’s last remaining active bullfighting ring – would close. But new financial backers for the ring have reversed the decision.

However the ring is almost empty for every fight, which now happen only fortnightly due to low attendance.

All the signs point to a sinking industry which is being propped up against growing opposition.

Latest progress

WSPA and member society ADDA call for a bullfighting ban

WSPA and ADDA continue to campaign hard against bullfighting: 

  • Placing adverts around Barcelona.
  • Appearing in successful local TV debates against pro-bullfighters.
  • Continuing to lobby politicians and collect petition signatures.
  • Uniting with other local groups at key events.

Saying no to cruelty across Europe

Bullfighting goes against the European Union’s stance on animal welfare.

But because of the reputed cultural value of bullfighting, many Ministers of the European Parliament (MEPs) want to leave it up to national governments to decide on a ban.

Despite this, more than 200 MEPs signed up to a declaration calling for an outright ban in 2007.

This massively raised the profile of bullfighting in the corridors of power. WSPA will continue to push hard for EU condemnation of the practice.

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