A bull suffering stab wounds collapses at a bullfight, France

Bullfighting pits a bull against men wielding barbed spikes, spears, swords and daggers. These weapons are designed to inflict intense pain and cause blood loss to weaken the animal.

Considered an "art form" by its dwindling number of supporters, bullfighting takes place in several European countries and parts of Latin America.

WSPA believes this violent form of animal abuse should be banned worldwide.

Our campaign focuses on a region that is close to achieving a ban: Catalonia.

Fighting back

Catalonia is leading the way against bullfighting in Spain, thanks to campaigning work by WSPA and Spanish member society Asociacion Defensa Derechos Animal (ADDA).

Our campaign has found great public support. People are seeing bullfighting for what it is – a barbaric past time with no place in the modern world.

How you can help

In 2005, a law to ban bullfighting was proposed to the Catalan Parliament for the first time in Spanish history. Almost a million people have now signed our petition to make the bullfighting ban a top priority. Please add your name >>

Never attend a bullfight or any other attraction which neglects animal welfare. The bullfighting industry relies heavily on financial support from curious tourists – don’t be one of them.

Read more about being an animal friendly traveler >>

Campaign successes so far

  • A 2007 Gallup poll showed that over 72% of Spaniards have no interest in bullfighting.
  • Barcelona’s last working bullring now holds fights fortnightly rather than weekly, due to low attendance.
  • Councils in 45 towns and cities in Catalonia, including Barcelona, have declared themselves opposed to bullfighting.
  • Baños de Agua Santa City Council in Ecuador declared itself anti-bullfighting in 2007, becoming the first city in the Americas to speak out against the "sport".

However, a small pro-bullfighting lobby does exist, and while bullfighting continues, there is more to be done.

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