Lucy’s story: a second chance at life

Lucy, when found by WSPA member society the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

When Lucy was discovered on Christmas Day by a member of the Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) center she was little more than skin and bone.

Spotted outside the King’s Palace – a common spot for dumping unwanted dogs – Lucy was suffering terribly from mange and open sores.

Discomfort caused by mange had caused Lucy to scratch the fur from her thin body, leaving her unprotected from the winter cold.

Seeing the severity of Lucy’s condition, the staff of KAT jumped into action. Within a short period of time she was taken by the KAT ambulance to a warm kennel at the center.

The road to recovery

Lucy after care from WSPA member society KAT

Lucy was a frightened and ill dog. When she was found, there was a collar around her skinny neck, suggesting she had been abandoned by her owners.

But after some care and treatment at the KAT center, Lucy began to recover and even to thrive. She is losing her fear of humans, and is displaying the normal, playful behavior of a healthy young dog.

Most strikingly, she has grown back an abundant and healthy coat of fur.

Jan Slater, founder of KAT, said “It’s amazing to see what a difference KAT and WSPA have made. Thanks to our combined efforts, dogs like Lucy truly have a second chance at life.”

Help more dogs like Lucy

Your consistent support enables organizations like KAT to continue their incredible work for stray animals around the world.

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