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Children learn about animals and their welfare, Chile

For more information on WSPA's education work or to share humane education materials, please use these resources.

International Animal Welfare Education (IN AWE) programme

IN AWE: International Animal Welfare Education - A global education program for people, animals and the environment (PDF)

This brochure explains more about the IN AWE program, how it works, who it is aimed at and what it hopes to achieve.

Humane education for schools: a selection of materials

For teachers

An Annotated Bibliography of Research Relevant to Humane Education (PDF) 

Written by The National Association for Humane and Environmental Education 

The Earth Charter (PDF)  

Endorsed by UNESCO, these Earth Charter sets out principles that "declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations."

Resource packs: Information, images and activities for the classroom
Sanctuary or Prison? (PDF)
Farm Animal Welfare (PDF)  
Bushmeat: Friend or food? (PDF)

"Bears of the World" education pack:
Bears of the world facts booklet (PDF)
Bears of the world factsheets (PDF)
Bears of the world poster (PDF)
Bears folder to make (PDF)

For pupils

RSPCA Five Freedoms fact sheet (PDF)

This fact sheet offers simple explanations of the principles of animal welfare

Palesa finds a friend (PDF)

This short story book includes educational activities and ideas to follow up on the story

Animal welfare in higher education

Concepts in Animal Welfare Syllabus (PDF)

This revised syllabus was written to assist with the teaching of animal welfare in veterinary faculties

Educating the veterinary professional about animal welfare (PDF)

This 2006 article about stimulating interest in animal welfare in vets and other professionals working with animals is from the scientific journal ALTEX

Companion animals education

For teachers

Caring for Cats and Dogs: An interactive decision-making classroom resource for teachers (PDF)

For everyone

Caring for Your Cat leaflet (PDF) 
Caring for Your Dog leaflet (PDF)
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