Campaign successes

During the past few years, the WSPA-led Handle with Care coalition has achieved many notable successes, including:

Removing the Misleading “Island Produced Pork” Label
As a result of the coalition’s legal petition to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, the misleading “Island Produced Pork” label was removed from Hawaii retailers’ products. The label misleadingly implied that live animals transported from Canada and mainland U.S. to be slaughtered in Hawaii were born and raised on the islands.

Decreasing the Number of Pigs Transported
Targeted campaigning saw a 19% decrease in the number of live pigs transported from mainland U.S. to Hawaii from 2008 to 2010, saving thousands of pigs from this cruel journey.

Ending the Transport of Pigs from Canada to the U.S.
The Hawaii Department of Agriculture informed WSPA that the last shipment of live pigs from Canada to the U.S. was in late 2007. However, it is unclear whether the shipments of pigs from Canada have ended permanently and whether there are any Canadian or U.S. regulations that would prevent the trade from starting up again.

Encouraging a Hawaiian Supermarket Chain to Adopt an Alternative Sourcing Policy
When WSPA informed Don Quijote, a supermarket chain in Hawaii, about the suffering resulting from the live transport of pigs, it altered its purchasing policies on pork from pigs imported live from mainland U.S. Prior to that, the company was unaware that the pork it sold came from imported animals.

Creating an Award-Winning Film on Long-distance Transport
The Handle with Care coalition produced a 10-minute documentary film on long-distance transport of animals that exposed the inhumane conditions animals are forced to endure en route to slaughter. The film received a great deal of public and political support and won the prestigious 2008 International Rights Protection Film Festival special prize for Best Documentary Film (animal rights).

Watch the film below:

Reason to Continue the Campaign
Despite all these successes, the import of live pigs to Hawaii continues. WSPA, along with HSUS Hawaii and ARH, remains committed to ending this cruel and unnecessary long-distance transport route. WSPA’s comprehensive report, No Paradise for Pigs (PDF) is just one aspect of this ongoing campaign.

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