A whale hauled aboard a whaling ship

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All available evidence tells us there is no way to hunt and kill whales at sea without causing acute suffering. With no option for humane slaughter, WSPA calls for a stop to all commercial whaling.

Visibility, sea swells and movements of the boat and whale make it impossible to assure a lethal shot at sea. Whales can suffer for up to an hour before they succumb to the harpoons and rifles of the hunters.

We know this is how whales are killed. But we know little about their behaviors, intelligences and social groups under the waves.

WSPA believes that gaining an insight into the lives of whales is essential in understanding the full impacts of the hunts on these animals.

Why isn’t this cruelty banned?

Commercial whaling has been banned for more than twenty years. But some countries – like Norway, Japan and Iceland – continue to hunt whales.

This means around 2,500 whales are still killed every year in cruel and unnecessary hunts that cause intense pain and distress.

Although commercial whaling and international trade of whale products is banned by the International Whaling Commission, some countries have found loopholes in the rules and sell whale products commercially for human consumption anyway.

Working for whale welfare

WSPA works to stop all commercial and scientific whaling by:

  • Using diplomacy and public support to raise whale welfare up the agenda of the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting.
  • Supporting and encouraging member societies in both pro- and anti-whaling countries in their campaigns against whaling on welfare grounds.
  • Producing reports to back up our welfare claims and perspective with good science.
  • Leading the Whalewatch network – a group of NGOs united by an opposition to whaling on welfare grounds. By sharing information and working together we are better able to promote the importance of whale welfare across the globe.
  • Asking for help from you. Your support has helped WSPA prove to whaling nations and the IWC that whale welfare is important to the public.

We need to convince more countries to speak out against this inherently cruel pursuit. Please support us.

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