Saving the orangutan

An orangutan cared for by the BOS Foundation

Their forest home is being destroyed; their young sold into the pet trade. Considered ‘pests’, adults are hunted and killed. Against this grim backdrop, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation’s rehabilitation centers are a beacon of hope for this endangered ape.

In 2007, the generosity of WSPA supporters enabled the centers’ dedicated staff to continue rescuing, caring for and releasing traumatized orangutans. But closure is again a possibility – the orangutans need your support once more.

Donations to our emergency appeal will not only help orangutan survival in the short term. WSPA is entering into a unique, capacity-building partnership with the BOS Foundation, working together towards a self-sustaining future in which a safe haven exists for as long as it is needed.

Why are orangutans in such danger?

Illegal logging and fires set to clear the land for palm oil production are destroying the rainforest habitat of the tree-dwelling orangutan.

Homeless, the apes migrate in search of food. If seen near palm oil crops, they will be shot or beaten by plantation workers. The reception at villages is equally dangerous.

Fearing their crops will be eaten, local people kill wandering adult orangutans. Their young, frequently maimed in the attacks, are sold into the cruelty of the illegal pet trade.

What can be done to protect them?

BOS Foundation staff aid the recovery of orphaned orangutans

The BOS Foundation is:

Providing sanctuary. One rehabilitation center, Nyaru Menteng, is currently home to 650 apes. Here, committed staff teach rescued orangutans to survive independently. Orphans are shown how to find food, and other skills usually learned from their mothers.

Securing a safe habitat. Those orangutans mentally and physically ready for independence currently live on river islands; further funds will allow 100 animals to be released into the wild. The Foundation is also reforesting damaged land to enable further releases and provide a research environment.

Involving local communities. As well as providing many jobs locally, the Foundation delivers educational programs to nearby villages. These promote cooperation and help prevent attacks on orangutans.

Saving the BOS Foundation – saving orangutans

It is estimated that just 30,000 orangutans remain in Borneo, and the BOS Foundation is the only organization actively rescuing, rehabilitating and relocating the species. But financing the specialist care of hundreds of abused apes is a constant challenge.

The suffering of the orangutans has moved WSPA to support this amazing work, developing the Foundation’s fundraising skills over the next three years to build an independent future. But there will be no future at all unless emergency funds are found now.

If the plight of these creatures has moved you too, please donate today.

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